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The Kathy Jaffe Spirit of Aerobatics Award
The Kathy Jaffe Spirit of Aerobatics Award
The Kathy Jaffe Spirit of Aerobatics Award

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Chapter 52 donated this award in the memory of Kathleen Jaffe. Her spirit and enthusiasm for aerobatics and the aerobatic community were truly remarkable. She was president of Chapter 52, contest director, newsletter editor, and contributor to Sport Aerobatics magazine. Kathy also gave lectures to everyone from aviation related groups to schoolchildren on the joy of flying and especially aerobatics. She was also a competition pilot. She died in 1999.

The purpose of this award is to recognize an outstanding volunteer during the previous year. General guidelines are that this person is one who consistently, unselfishly and eagerly accepts more responsibilities than he or she can handle, meets these responsibilities with tireless effort, efficiency and a smile, and who places the needs of others above his or her own, making the sport of aerobatics more enjoyable for everyone.

The Master trophy and the annual recipient trophies are funded by the Kathy Jaffe Memorial Fund. The recipient trophy consists of a plaque with the individual's name engraved on it. The Master trophy is on display at the IAC pavilion in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. It is engraved with each annual recipient's name. The plaque was presented for the first time at the US Nationals awards banquet in the year 2000.


The IAC modified the procedure for giving the award and turned it into a nominating process. Individual members can vote-- but the chapters can submit nominations as well. The IAC Board of Directors will ultimately decide who gets it. So there are three things you can do.

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