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How do I place a box on the map? You navigate around the world the same way as you do with normal Google Maps. At any time you can double click the left mouse button on the map. Whatever that point is will automatically become the center of the map. When you have your chosen location at the center of the map just click the right mouse button and like magic the box will appear.
What are the colors on the map?
  • Green - Represents the box itself.
  • Red - Is the boundary
  • Blue - Is a line on which you can position the judges. Anywhere on that line is OK, Hint, position the chairs facing the box they get confused when you point them in the wrong direction.
I see the box what is the weired shape to one side of the box? This represents a rough guide as to where your friendly judges will sit. Usually it is not good practice to have them sitting in a river or in a forest, hey that's a plan may increase the scoring :)
But my box points in the wrong direction, what can I do? What do all the controls on the map do and mean?
  • Zoom in - Same effect as pushing on the stick, the world gets bigger.
  • Zoom out - As above except pull and smaller.
  • Rotate CCW - Will rotate the box 1 degree at a time Counter Clockwise.
  • Rotate CW - Will rotate the box 1 degree at a time Clockwise.
  • Rotate CCW 30° - Will rotate the box 30 degrees per click Counter Clockwise.
  • Rotate CW 30° - Will rotate the box 30 degrees per click Clockwise.
  • Draw box at cussent center - An alternate to using the right mouse button to draw the box at the current map center.
When I zoom in I run out of satellite pictures In this case you have two options either zoom out a bit of move to a location of more interest to NASA :)
If I have any questions or suggestions what should I do? Send an email to the site administrator for the website with your question or request.