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New England Aerobatic Championships, May 18th-20th, 2001
DCP_0051.jpg (48236 bytes)Dave Klingbiel in his new Cap 21


DCP_0054.jpg (69444 bytes)

Rolfe Tessem checking out his competition prior to his Sportsman flight.


DCP_0066.jpg (47580 bytes)Dennis Thompson returning after his flight.


DCP_0071.jpg (49316 bytes)

Beautiful Massachussets sky


DCP_0076.jpg (79446 bytes)A picture is worth a thousand words.


DCP_0079.jpg (51961 bytes)

Guenther had the best show in town flying Sportsman in a Stearman.


DCP_0055.jpg (67945 bytes)
Mike Goulian was at hand helping out his students.


DCP_0067.jpg (30107 bytes)4-bladed MT prop on an Extra 300L

DCP_0075.jpg (68667 bytes)Boy, is that a shiny Pitts!

DCP_0069.jpg (39118 bytes)We call them "Russian Tractors"

DCP_0068.jpg (48064 bytes)Starduster II.  What's better than an open cockpit on a hot day?